Friday, December 16, 2005

Touched by The Luckbox?

So I played a few small buy-in SnGs last night just to get back in the flow of things (yes, I know, trip report is on the way...), and decided at the last minute to enter a $5+1 Omaha hi/lo MTT on Party. I'm subpar at O/8, but enjoy playing it as a change-up from hold'em. Anyhow, the thing started just after midnight, and featured 543 entrants. I was down to less than half my intial starting stack within the first hour after a few bad plays where I took the second nut low to the river and a flush to the end on a paired board. Oops.

Anyhow, long story short, I turned things around, found one or two very fortunate hands/river cards, and ended up finishing third. I probably could've finished 2nd if we hadn't agreed to a chip % chop once it was down to 5. Since I never have much luck in MTTs, I can say only this: my fortune must have been due to my recent brush with THE LUCKBOX. Yeah, you know who.

Anyhow, cashing $294 (my cut of the deal we made) on a $6 entry was pretty effing sweet. The downside? The tourney took nearly SIX HOURS to complete. Oy.

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