Thursday, December 29, 2005

-EV's Tourney Challenge

I've got 5 days with not a whole lot scheduled. I'll end up going out for New Year's Eve and doing a few other things, but on the whole I've got a lot of gree time coming up. One thing I plan to do with this time is play a few multi-table tournaments -- something I haven't done much in the past few months but have taken up a little more lately.

Here's the deal. I tend to lose concentration a bit when I play larger tournaments. I'll even start opening a few side game tables of .50/1 Omaha hi/low or something strange like that just to kill time between folding hands. My performance in the tourneys often suffers as a result. Back about a year ago, I regularly played the $2 R&A tourney on Paradise and discussed hands and other things like that with a guy on the West Coast who was also playing. We didn't collude, but the conversations did help me keep my game sharp and my mind focused. That tournament regularly drew over 1000 participants, and I final tabled probably 20% of the time I played the thing. Weak competition? Yes. Solid results nonetheless? Absolutely.

My challenge to those of you in the blogging community is this: if anyone is planning on playing several MTT's in the next few days, or in particular several on the same day, let me know as I'd like to try and hit the same/get some feedback on plays while the tourneys are going. Depending on circumstances, I'll consider prop bets, or swapping half-stakes in some of the events if that's of interest. I just want to spice things up a little from my normal four-tabling cash game existence, and felt this was a good time to do so. Beyond breaking my normal routine, I think this approach has some learning potential, too, which can't hurt. And if those two reasons (breaking monotony and learning some new things) aren't enough, how 'bout this: the experience should make for some good blogging.

A few pertinent details: 1.) I won't play any tourneys that cost more than $50 unless there's a SERIOUSLY compelling reason to do so. 2.) I will play on any of the major sites (Party, Full Tilt, Stars, the X-Party Network, UB). 3.) I won't do prop bets or stake swaps with anyone who I haven't met in person before. 4.) I'll play limit hold'em (by far my best game), NLHE (meh, I'm not awful...), O/8 (I'm a proven luckbox), Razz, and HORSE. I will not play PLO (I'm a horrible fish), Stud hi or Stud/8 (no interest), or any of the more exotic games. 5.) I will play satellites to larger events in some cases. 6.) I may plunk down Sunday or Monday and play something like 20 tournaments just for the hell of it. So volume isn't a big deal.

So, who's with me?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Touched by The Luckbox?

So I played a few small buy-in SnGs last night just to get back in the flow of things (yes, I know, trip report is on the way...), and decided at the last minute to enter a $5+1 Omaha hi/lo MTT on Party. I'm subpar at O/8, but enjoy playing it as a change-up from hold'em. Anyhow, the thing started just after midnight, and featured 543 entrants. I was down to less than half my intial starting stack within the first hour after a few bad plays where I took the second nut low to the river and a flush to the end on a paired board. Oops.

Anyhow, long story short, I turned things around, found one or two very fortunate hands/river cards, and ended up finishing third. I probably could've finished 2nd if we hadn't agreed to a chip % chop once it was down to 5. Since I never have much luck in MTTs, I can say only this: my fortune must have been due to my recent brush with THE LUCKBOX. Yeah, you know who.

Anyhow, cashing $294 (my cut of the deal we made) on a $6 entry was pretty effing sweet. The downside? The tourney took nearly SIX HOURS to complete. Oy.

Back From Vegas

Phew... what a trip. Back, safe, and sound. Exhausted. Will... write... more... later.

Anyone who has photos of the WPBT event, hit me with a comment or e-mail. I know a few folks were taking shots of the final table and last two tables.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

The Bags Are Packed...

Off to Vegas in about 9 hours... assuming the weather on the eastern seaboard doesn't fuck me. Can't wait to play some HORPSE tomorrow night at the MGM Grand, and from there it'll be a crazy rush. Trip reports and more when I return mid-next week. GAMBOOOOOL!

Monday, December 5, 2005

How are you gentlemen?

You have no chance to survive, fold your blinds!
T-minus 4 days til Vegas!!!!