Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Brilliant Idea of the Day... & A Celebration of 200 Posts

So I received my PokerStars tote bag today, which was a prize I'd won in the run-up to the PokerStars Blogger Tournament a short while back. Big thanks to the folks at Stars, including our very own Otis, for setting that tourney up, and for shelling out for some nice prizes for Mr. Halverson & Co.

Of course, I busted out in the first hour, so the tote bag is really all I got out of it, but upon unpacking the thing I had a brilliant idea. The tote bag is black, and about 20" long x 9" wide x 11" tall or something like that. And it would look FUCKING AWESOME stuffed with carefully arranged banded stacks of $1 bills ($100 bills would be cooler, obviously, but we here at A Fool and His Money don't have a central bank located within convenient robbing distance, so we'll have to put the $100's off for another day).

Honestly, carrying the thing into the Excal poker room a'la the SWAT team in Ocean's 11, and plunking stack after stack down at the counter for my buy-in. C'mon, you know you love the idea.

The bank would clearly think I'm insane asking for 8 grand in banded stacks of $1 bills or whatever it would take to fill the thing, but the idea has appeal. And I bet if I pestered long enough, I could get the $1's. Of course, I'd have to hold the sucker super tight as I traveled to Vegas, and the security guys at the airport might get a lil suspicious too. Hmmm.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh, Boyeeee.

200 Posts -- A very brief reflection.

I don't have anything profound to say in this, my 200th post. Heck, I didn't even realize it was my 200th until I looked at my Blogger Dashboard. So, instead of trying to concoct something meaningful, I offer a stark picture of my poker play the past 18 months, from my intial days at $0.50/$1 limit and $10 buy in NL on Paradise to my current digs in the 2/4, 3/6, 5/10, and (gasp!) even occasionally $10/20 games on Party. I'm proud of the overall trend, and the things I've learned, but if you look closely at this graph, you'll find the same thing I have: variance is tough, there's always room to improve, and you'll have to pay a price as you learn new limits.

Still, running at 1.6BB/100 over my 1st 150,000 hands, well, I'm pretty fooking happy with that!

And yeah, that 40K break-even streak at the end has sucked balls, but rakeback and the jackpot on Party have kept me moving in the right direction, and I feel better about my limit hold'em game now than I ever have, and I know I'm learning again, which is fantastic.

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