Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Stickin' it to The Man...

My last experience with EmpirePoker wasn't a happy one. I cashed out down a bunch during the depths of my January downswing, and left them a little nasty-gram in the "comment" box as I did so. Did I mention it took them about 10 full business days to credit the deposit to my account, despite the fact my bank cleared the transaction nearly a week earlier? So anyhow it was a crappy experience.

Time for -EV to strike back. I've returned to the site I'd sworn off for good to accomplish one task: whoring with style. We're not talking your garden variety hit'n'run whoring here, ladies & gents. You know, the kind where you make a decent deposit, play your usual game, finish the bonus and cash out a while later? Yeah, I'm not extending that pleasure to Empire.

Instead... I'll be rubbing my displeasure in Empire's face by depositing the absolute minimum necessary to get the full bonus, four tabling .50/1 continuously until I've cleared the required number of hands (107/1050 as of this writing), and then cashing the fuck out. Immediately. Call me a 7th grade date, cuz' I'm not giving any action.

Of course I *will* be collecting the $150 in bonus money, give or take whatever results I have at the micro-limit tables. So anyhow don't look for me in the NL or 2/4 games the next few hours, I'll be slumming it with He1ixx down at .50/1. I might even play a hand once every few orbits, ya'know, if I'm feeling frisky...

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