Thursday, January 27, 2005

Stop. Hammertime.

For you veterans of the blogger NL games, or anyone else who has taken to adding the hammer to their mix of hands for an occasional bet/raise... I'm interested in hearing what your PokerTracker data for this hand says.

Here's a hint: mine is awful -- I've got to stop screwing around with the anti-rockets. Not to say that I need to stop playing it altogether, but the numbers don't lie, and they say I'm leaking dollars with it far more than I should be. How bad, you might ask? A total of -$129.56 over the 421 times I've been dealt the blogger's favorite, or $0.36 in the red every time I've had it.

Now, 72o should show negative results for a normal player. And it should show even worse results for a crazed blogger NL participant. But the fact that this is my 4th most unprofitable hand, with a VP$IP of over 2% -- well that's just outta control.

For those wondering, only K8o, Q3o, and 98o exceed the hammer in losses according to my data. 98o seems reasonable -- it often looks good enough to play, particularly from the blinds or in shorthanded situations -- but of course it has no showdown value and seems to make many second best hands as well. Not quite sure how Q3o ended up down there, since I play it less than 0.5% of the time it's dealt to me. Other notable leaks include 65o and 87o, which rank 7th and 10th worst respectively. These need to go into the muck more often!

So anyhow, grab your "General Info" tab in PT, look up the hammer, and see for yourself what your habit is costing you these days. It might be more than you think!


P.S. - Tables went fine yesterday & well tonight. Small, decent profit at small NL tables (chasing "BoB") and the 2/4. I'm pleased to report that AA & KK are a combined 16 for 20 in recent days, a marked improvement over their performance during the slump! Tried Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo yesterday, liked it but lost a big pot to end up -$20 for the experience. I get the impression folding a lot is the optimal strategy...

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