Saturday, January 29, 2005

Quick Update...

Don't want to bury the post below about poker and taxes, but thought I'd post a few quick things about today's long session at the tables... I really do hope I get a discussion going on poker/taxes, though, so consider taking a moment to read Friday's post.

"BoB" has taken to playing NL$50 -- sweet! I witnessed him actually score a small win at the larger tables (since his usual game has been NL$25 in the past), but it seems like it's only a matter of time before he loses a lot of money, quickly now that he's moved up. Prior to today's NL$50 session, I have him down as posting 5 losers in a row...

In the spirit of tagging a fish and chasing him down at every opportunty, I've done that with another player that I'll call "Tex." This guy is overconfident and awful -- no attention to detail, and generally substitutes strong talk for strong performance. Reminds me of another Texan I can think of... Anyhow, I've dogged him so bad on the online tables that he now changes as soon as he sees me. The lesson? Be careful when you find these marks, as their money won't be available to you once they figure out what's going on. (Of course, you could just attack them from your accounts on other skins...)

The weekend has been decent for me poker-wise. I ran up some pretty good profits at NL$50 tables earlier today, but blew them playing a $20+2 speed tourney and a $30+3 multi on Party. Did well in the speed tourney, but got table changed so many times during the mid-limits that I literally wasn't dealt any hands for 9 minutes at one point -- three whole levels. That pretty much killed my chances of going deep into the money. I busted near the bubble when my A5o lost to Q4o when the queen combined with four diamonds on the board to make a flush... but these things are just stalling/all-in fests at the end anyhow, so I wasn't too bothered.

Came back and hit the NL$50's with a college friend of mine, and just crushed the tables for a sizeable profit. Hit a fair number of sets, and most of my big hands held up which was a nice change from some of my previous NL experiences. By way of contrast, my time in the Blogger NL$25 game tonight was a rollercoaster ride, seeing me down a buy-in at one point and up two later, only to leave the game stuck about $12.50. Well worth the entertainment! Most notable hand of the night for me:

***** Hand History for Game xxxxxxxx *****
$25 NL Hold'em - Sunday, January 30, 00:25:52 EDT 2005
Table Rolling Stars (Real Money)
Seat 9 is the button
Seat 1: badblood( $89.25 )
Seat 2: KToby16 ( $12.15 )
Seat 4: Pokeramarama ( $64.9 )
Seat 5: He1ixx ( $90.5 )
Seat 7: jcostale ( $24 )
Seat 8: Maudie ( $81.1 )
Seat 9: otis ( $35.1 )
Seat 10: Kameelah ( $26.9 )
Seat 3: -EV ( $27.75 )
Seat 6: lifes_agrind ( $31.65 )

Kameelah posts small blind [$0.25]. badblood posts big blind [$0.5].
Dealt to -EV [ 7c 2s ]

KToby16 folds, -EV raises [$3], Pokeramarama folds, He1ixx calls [$3], lifes_agrind folds, jcostale calls [$3], Maudie folds, otis folds, Kameelah folds, badblood calls [$2.5].

Flop [ 3d, 7s, 2h ]
badblood checks, -EV checks, He1ixx checks, jcostale bets [$5], badblood folds, -EV raises [$15], He1ixx raises [$25], jcostale folds, -EV is all-In. (various table chat about the incredible flop)

Turn [ 6c ]
River [ 9c ]

He1ixx shows [ 7h, 7d ] three of a kind, sevens.
-EV shows [ 7c, 2s ] two pairs, sevens and twos.
He1ixx wins $0.25 from side pot #1 with three of a kind, sevens.He1ixx wins $63.75 from the main pot with three of a kind, sevens.

I have only three words: Oh The Humanity!

Seriously, though He1ixx was just blowing us all out of the water -- well played man! I keep trying to convince this guy that he's ready to "step out of the kiddie pool" as that moronic character in "Tilt" says, and come up to 1/2 or 2/4. He took well over $150 out of the game, and Maudie had a personal best as well. It was great playing with everyone again!


Oh, and as an add-on I post for you the following hand history which just speaks for itself in terms of ridiculousness. Note that I had JUST sat down at the table and posted my blind:

***** Hand History for Game xxxxxxxx *****
$50 NL Hold'em - Sunday, January 30, 23:32:57 EDT 2005
Table Burn & Turn (Real Money)
Seat 7 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: jhjhwk ( $45.45 )
Seat 2: Im36_24_36 ( $108.36 )
Seat 3: yooperhunt ( $145.97 )
Seat 4: JRedandH20 ( $69.05 )
Seat 5: AK47LOADED ( $55.1 )
Seat 6: siyamaks ( $39.35 )
Seat 7: BassManScott ( $29.2 )
Seat 8: CollinMellon ( $51.8 )
Seat 10: nprigo ( $86 )
Seat 9: -EV ( $50 )
CollinMellon posts small blind [$0.5].
-EV posts big blind [$1].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to -EV [ Qs Qd ]
nprigo folds.
jhjhwk folds.
Im36_24_36 folds.
yooperhunt folds.
JRedandH20 folds.
AK47LOADED folds.
siyamaks folds.
BassManScott raises [$2].
CollinMellon calls [$1.5].
-EV: WPT here I come!!!!
-EV raises [$9].
BassManScott calls [$8].
CollinMellon folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Ks, 8h, 3d ]
-EV bets [$10].
BassManScott is all-In [$19.2]
-EV: crap/queens
-EV calls [$9.2]. (super crying call)
** Dealing Turn ** [ 5d ]
** Dealing River ** [ 4d ]
-EV shows [ Qs, Qd ] a pair of queens.
BassManScott doesn't show [ 3s, Ah ] a pair of threes.
-EV wins $57.4 from the main pot with a pair of queens.
-EV: no way
-EV: falls on the floor laughing, then realizes its Party NL$50 and he shouldn't be surprised.

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