Tuesday, December 7, 2004

You Swing Me Right Round Party, Right Round...

I posted again last night, after my "Yeesh" post, but Blogger decided to destroy the precious content. Don't know where it went, but its gone. Anyhow, I had a nice swing back, and actually finished the night with a $130 profit after a great run of cards late in the evening. These swings at 2/4 full are incredible -- unlike anything I ever saw at 1/2 and .50/1... makes me wonder what it must be like up at 15/30, the variance capitol of the Poker World.

Got some nice e-mail messages & comments about my last few posts. Really appreciate the support folks, particularly when it contains needed perspective. One individual commented that:


"I am not sure why you are classifying this is a particularly bad beat? Sure, his cold-calling 3 preflop with 5's is insane, but on the flop he's nearly an 80% favorite to win... Looks like to me like a double-reverse-suckout.

My point is not to say that you are wrong--but don't let this bother you. Pound, pound, pound! But, continue to pick your spots and be patient. Guys like this are not going to be forced off of pots. So, don't losen your standards and keep making them put 3 small bets in pf with 5s...let their terrible pre-flop calling standards make you money. "


And he's right. The hand I posted was most certainly not a horrific beat. It just came at the wrong time. You know what I'm saying. With 35K hands in my PT database (even I was amazed at that number), I'm getting a new feel for the patterns of the game, but the recent spate of swings tested that knowledge dearly.

My reply to the message above:


"Good point about the "double reverse suckout." I failed to think about that at the time, though I guess I posted it just in the spur of the moment as it *seemed* bad and came so quickly after I had posted. At any rate, things turned around later in the night (actually turned a large profit for the day), and like you say, I continue to pound, pound, pound with superior hands.

The blog isn't always pretty to read, but I'm sure as you know, it can be a very effective tool for venting. Positive venting, when you want to share how great a win is, and negative venting when you just need to steam off about a crappy run of hands/results. Either way, emotions are best played out off the tables rather than on them, and I think we're all fortunate to have an outlet where that is possible.

Thanks again for reading, and hope your results the last few days have been better than mine!



So that's that. I started my night at the tables tonight off with a much happier hand than the beat I posted yesterday: quad kings for me and a $50 pot. Very nice! An omen of things to come? I sure hope so.

*Later evening edit: the session ended as well as it started, with a nice plump win to put my gain for the night up to $130. That's a 2-night total of +$260, which is a little on the high side, but I'll take it!! Still, these swings are something I need to get used to. I'm feeling momentum for some Blogger NL later tonight, if the game gets together.*

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