Wednesday, December 8, 2004

NL Blogger Games = Insanity!

I won't get too far into the details, but a debaucherous (as far as online poker goes) blogger NL$25 game went off tonight on Party, and one guy in particular felt the brunt of our collective force: [account name censored]..., of Boston, MA. We'll call him "BoB," short for "Bank of Boston," as he was a veritable ATM machine. Poor guy. He lost at least 5 buy-ins, 3 of them to me (my QQ twice, and a flopped 87 boat once). But he also said he retired at age 26, so maybe I don't feel so bad for him.

Here's a priceless bit of chat just after BoB lost a big hand:
BoB: down 130 now
SirFWALGMan: lol
NegativeEV_: he busted?
NegativeEV_: I didn't even see it
Up4Poker: Nah, add on
NegativeEV_: oh
SirFWALGMan: Im scared of his plan!
xupugh: not completely
Up4Poker: when he busts, he wants it to be 25 buccks
brazosbuck: that's my poker life, right there
allimcbeal: please convince cdroz to start a blog
Up4Poker: lol
Up4Poker: lol
NegativeEV_: what would he name it
Up4Poker: A Fish Tale?
MisterD2U: -470
SirFWALGMan: "My Plan to lose all my money"
NegativeEV_: YES
xupugh: ev has my money.blogspot
Up4Poker: lol
Up4Poker: lol
allimcbeal: lol
MisterD2U: lol
xupugh: lol
Up4Poker: someone save this chat!

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