Saturday, December 4, 2004

Monster variance, at 2/4 full ring?? Why yes!

This will be a short post...

Last night I banged out a quick & easy 20BB profit at the Party 2/4 tables. Nothing too eventful, some fortunate cards here and there. I even made some awful law-downs and ended up ahead. One hand had me flop the nut straight, catch blanks on the turn and river, and manage to get two of those streets capped FOUR WAYS!!! These guys were awful, but I sure wasn't complaining when I dragged the immense pot ($100 or so).

Anyhow, I came home tonight intending to go out later on, but plans fell through. I'm traveling tomorrow and will have a busy Sunday, so I felt justified in taking some time at the online tables. Long story short, I played piss poor poker, and the cards didn't help me mask it. Slowplayed some sets in bad spots, made horrible (costly) folds, and just overall wuss play. I dropped 50BB in 600 hands. Never done that before... it was strange, I didn't get angry or anything, I was kinda serene about it. But losing $200 in two hours? OH THE HUMANITY!!

So I took a break, capped some people on GTA: San Andreas, ate some food, and came back to try and take a second stab. My strategy was sound, I just wasn't executing it well earlier in the evening during the monster losing session. Lo and behold, 330 hands later, I had made all of it back but $30. That's some swingy poker, people!!! Up 20BB one night, down 50BB the next, only to go on a tear and end up down merely 7.5BB on the night. Wow.

Sitting at a blogger NL table now... hope to report on it later on.

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