Thursday, December 9, 2004

It's Time to Start

Wheels up in 10 hours. So psyched I really can't put it in words effectively -- this is one of the better aspects about traveling to Vegas: the anticipation. Its not like the same thing happens when you have a trip to Pittsburgh, now does it?

Played a very short NL session this evening just to keep rust from forming on my poker senses. Lost two decent pots: flush over flush (me in the blinds with a T-high two card flush, CO with a slowplayed Ace-high flush), and my QQ heads up vs KK with all the chips in pre-flop (neither of us improved). The -$37 downswing isn't a happy thing, but its not like its a mountain of cash, and of course I think I played the two hands well enough. On the QQ hand, it was $5 to me with $15 in the pot already (due to some dead bets in the pot), and I figured TT-AA, as well as AK and AQ were all about equally likely from the loose raiser, so my all-in re-raise seemed like an easy decision.

My wins the three previous nights make losing tonight seem like nothing, and I definitely feel ready to play my "A" Game out in Vegas. Here's to hoping it actually happens!

Ok, bed time for me. Enjoy your weekends, look forward to seeing so many fellow poker writers at the tournament on Saturday! I'll be back with some kind of trip report Tuesday night.

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