Monday, December 6, 2004

Frustrating as Hell

This game can be easy, and it can be not so easy. The short-run randomness that dictates how kind the cards are plays a huge role in that. Skill and ability to adhere to a plan does as well, but to a lesser extent. Tonight, and the several nights preceding, the game has felt very hard. I just can't get started, can't get any traction in these 2/4 games. I take a few crappy beats, make one or two mistakes, and find myself 30, 50, 80 bucks in the hole quickly. I fight and fight and fight, and 400 hands later maybe I'm almost even or something like that.

And the thing is, these bouts of poor to break-even results are bound to happen, especially to a player that has run hot over long stretches of time as I have in recent weeks/months. Mathematically, this is just something that is going to occur, and the better you handle it, the better off you'll be as a player. Personally, I rate my handling about a C+/B-... effective, but not exemplary by any means.

Its the boredom. The pain of seeing horrible players scoop tons of pots. Of folding Q4o for what seems like the 5 billionth time. Winning only the blinds when you raise in MP with KK or AA. Whiffing with AKs constantly. And of course of missing with your flopped four flushes every time. You know you're on the right path, but man do you feel lost from time to time while navigating it.

So anyhow, I'm in this rut. Not losing big or anything... had a -$30 night on Friday, and am on course to do another version of that tonight if things don't turn around (currently 470 hands, -$55). Like I said, I've expected these nights to come. I handle them well enough. But that doesn't mean they don't feel like shit anyhow.

*end of session note: finished down $15... was within $0.50 of even, dealt AA, and of course had it craked by 88 when a T fell on the river (board Q94J rainbow prior to then). Whatever. So help me God I'm going to destroy the fish on Party this week. I need some mo for the pending trip to Vegas.

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