Saturday, September 18, 2004

WPT Making Stupid Decisions?

Check this out: WPT announces new, pro's only tour.

This cannot be good for poker. Fuck the professionals, particularly the whiny ones that complain about today's big tourney fields being hard to beat. Adapt or die, bitches.

People like WPT because they see guys like them moving all in over the top of Gus Hansen. They can identify, and there's always that (mostly unrealistic) glimmer of hope that they might be at the final table some day themselves. A pro's only tour erases that populist angle, making poker more like the PGA Tour.

I guess it isn't the end of the world that they're doing this, AS LONG AS the new pro's only events don't run the regular WPT "anyone can play" events into the ground. I also think that there's an element of over-confidence in the announcement linked to above. Announcing 3 years worth of schedules is arrogant... poker on TV, online, etc. may (and probably will) take some MAJOR turns in the next 3 years. How could they know where the state of the game will be in 2008?? Could we have known in 2001 where we'd be today? Heavens no.

I love watching the great players and all, but there's enough of that already on the regular WPT events. I don't see what the gain is here, other than the creation of a new, somewhat safer place for Hellmuth to ply his outmoded poker game.


Oh, and in other news I'm absolutely kicking the shit out of the 1/2 5-max on Paradise. There's simply no way I can continue to run this hot, but I'll take it while I can get it. Something like 13BB/100 over the past 2000 hands. INCREDIBLE!

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