Thursday, September 16, 2004

Two sides to every coin...

You know those runs where every starting hand you pick up has an offsuit 4 in it? In the long run, of course, you're destined to catch a lot of these hands, but that's not usually much help when they're coming in droves and forcing you to fold, fold, fold. Catching tons of them in a row is a short run aberration, however, and an annoying one at that.

Well, when you're running hot, and catching pretty looking cards, a different sort of aberration tends to happen from time to time. Tonight, at a 5-max table, I had a 5 hand run that went like this: AcAs, Qc8d, AsKs, 8s6h, AsAd. Now THAT's one helluva aberration, sports fans. Adding glory to good fortune were the 5 flops associated with those hands: Qd 4c 8h, Qh Tc 3c, Js Tc 8c, Td 5c 4s, and Ah Ac Qc. This sh*t is so good I can't make it up, folks.

It gets better. Look at flop one... Queen high rainbow, and I get it HU against a guy with KQ. Big win. Next hand, I make top pair in the BB and win a decent pot against some draws and AT. After that, I folded the 8s6h, but if I had played, I'd have rivered a gutshot with the 7. Fourth hand the turn brought a Q to give me a broadway, beating out my opponent's flopped straight to the Queen -- huge pot. Finally, the immortal flopped quad aces. I almost fell out of my chair when this happened. Of course, I didn't get much action, but one guy (poor bastard that I beat with the broadway) did have a queen, so I got him to bet into me on the flop and turn, and he called my river bet.

That's 5 hands for in excess of 15BB's of profit (the total of the pots, was of course higher, but the profit equaled 18BB or so). At a 5-max table. Four-handed on one or two of the hands. I got up and left after the quad aces, figuring that you just gotta accept gifts from the poker gods sometimes and quit while you're on top. Nobody likes to see Emmitt Smith rush 12 times for 21 yards and 0 TDs, as an Arizona Cardinal, if you know what I mean.

Man, I need to go out and buy a lotto ticket.

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